66 Meters – The Rise Of Our Oceans

Director: Max Mönch, Alexander Lahl

53 min, Germany, 2020

Age restriction: 0+

Genre: Documentary

Online on coolconnection.ru from 15 to 25 April.

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A comprehensive documentary about sea level rise and its global impacts.
How high will the oceans rise? Estimates that were considered panic-mongering just a few years ago are now in the realm of possibility. By 2100, the coasts of our planet could look different. The crucial question is: How will Greenland and Antarctica develop? Science is just beginning to include the complex dynamics in its forecasts. The results will determine how the coasts prepare for the impending threat. Up to what level can we protect ourselves? When will we have to think about abandoning areas because the cost of protection is no longer proportional to what is to be protected? Countries like Britain have already decided to abandon whole regions.