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The price of free

The price of free

Director Derek Doneen 92 min, USA, 2018 Subtitles: Russian Language: English The incredible story of Kailash Satyarthi, one of the...

Цвета перемен / Colors of Change

Colors of change (20 min, Greenland, 2018)

Director Jenny Nicols 20 min, Greenland, 2018 Subtitle: Russian Language: English Follows the art of Zaria Forman and her trip...

Оглушающий океан Sonic Sea

Sonic Sea (60 min, USA, 2016)

Director  Michelle Dougherty, Daniel Hinerfeld  60 min, USA, 2016 Subtitle: Russian Language: English IFAW presents: Discovery Impact film SONIC SEA...

Пирипкура Piripkupа

Piripkura (81 min, Brasil, 2017)

Director  Bruno Jorge, Mariana Oliva 81 min, Brasil, 2017 Subtitle: Russian Language: English Flahertiana Film Festival presents: The last two...


2040 (91 min, Australia, 2019)

Director Damon Gameau 91 min, Australia, 2019 Subtitle: Russian Language: English Practical solutions to environmental concerns are addressed with the...

Антропоцен: Эпоха Человека Anthropocene: the Human Epoch

The anthropocene. The human epoch (87 min, Canada, 2018)

Director Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky, Nicholas De Pencier 87 min, Canada, 2018 Subtitle: Russian Language: English Filmmakers travel to six...

Время леса / The time of forest

The time of forest (83 min, France, 2018)

Director François-Xavier Drouet  83 min, France, 2018 Subtitle: Russian Language: French French Institute at the Embassy of France in Russia...

Соялизм / Soyalism

Soyalism (65 min, Italy, 2018)

Directors Stefano Liberti, Enrico Parenti 65 min, Italy, 2018 Subtitle: Russian Language: English How China and Western agribusiness are taking...

Хор на рассвете / Dusk Chorus

Dusk Chorus (62 min, Italy, 2016)

Director Nika Saravanja, Alessandro D’Emilia 62 min, Italy, 2016 Subtitle: Russian Language: Italian Follow eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi in his...

Цена прогресса / The price of progress

The price of progress (52 min, Spain, 2019)

Director Victor Luengo 52 min, Spain, 2019 Subtitle: Russian Language: English What is at stake in Food dilemmas? Power, Money...

Нации айсбергов / Iceberg Nations

Iceberg Nations (4 min, Spain, 2019)

Director Fernando Martín Borlán 4 min, Spain, 2019 Subtitle: Russian Language: English Follows the artistic project that talks about the...

Мечта капитана / Captain’s dream

Captain’s dream

Director Denis Delestrac 49 min, France, 2018 Subtitle: Russian Language: English Film follows the first Antarctica Biennale headed by Russian...

Открывая заново / Rediscovery

Rediscovery (75 mins, Denmark, 2019)

Director Phie Ambo 75 mins, Denmark, 2019 Subtitle: Russian Language: English A group of children develop the possible society of...

Великая Зеленая Стена / The Great Green Wall

The Great Green Wall (92 min, UK, 2019)

Director Jarred P. Scott 92 min, UK, 2019 Subtitle: Russian Language: English Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and Malian musician...

Море Теней / Sea of Shadows

Sea of Shadows (104 min, USA, Austria, 2019)

Director Richard Ladkani 104 min, USA, Austria, 2019 Subtitle: Russian Language: English The vaquita, the world’s smallest whale, is near...

Ghost Fleet (90 min, USA, 2018)

Director  Shannon Service, Jeffrey Waldron 90 min, USA, 2018 Subtitle: Russian Language: English Ghost Fleet follows a small group of...

Yasuni Man (94 min., USA, 2016)

In the depths of South America, where the Andes, the Amazon and the Equator collide, a wilderness exists that was...

Teriberka.Live (40 min., Russia, 2017)

Teriberka is a small village on the shores of the Barents Sea has become famous thanks to the “Leviathan” film...

Fish Owl Wanted (52 min., Russia, 2017)

There is not a single creature more mysterious on the eastern part of the continent, on the shores of the...

The Last Animals (91 min., USA, 2018)

In this sweeping and sobering exposé, conflict photographer Kate Brooks…

Through My Rear Window (68 min., Italy, 2017)

On returning to Palermo, the film director finds an illegal dump infront of his window. For him it becomes an...

The green lie (97 min., Austria, 2018)

Austrian director Werner Boote and German author Kathrin Hartmann apply the weapons of truth to the dishonesties of the ‘greenwashing’...

Life with Bacteria (52 min., Russia, 2017)

The factual entertainment project “Life with bacteria” tells about Russian microbiologists’ achievements.

Little Yellow Boots (95 min., Finland, 2017)

 What do we pass on to those who come after us, for both good and for bad?

The chocolate case (90 min., Netherlands, 2016)

Three bold and cheeky Dutch journalists uncover child labour in the cocoa production chain, which triggers them to try to...

Let there be light (84′, Canada, France, 2017)

After decades of failed attempts, a massive push is now underway to crack the holy grail of energy

Blue Heart – the fight for Europe’s Last Wild Rivers (43 min., Bosnia, 2018)

Blue Heart is a documentary made by sustainable clothing brand Patagonia, directed by filmmaker Britton Caillouette.

Grassroots (58 min, Russia, 2018)

Ecoactivism in Russia is one of the bright manifestations of a civic position.

Do you trust this computer?(90 min., USA, 2018)

Topics covered range from military drones to AI-powered “fake news” feeds.

In the same boat (52 min., Spain, 2018)

In The Same Boat is an artistic and sophisticated analysis of the effects of globalisation on the world

Dirt Rich (86 min., USA, 2018)

Dirt Rich illustrates how implementing these strategies will return our atmosphere to safe levels of carbon while growing soil, our...

Arctic Velonavt (18 min., Sweden, 2017)

Short documentary about Urpo Taskinen, a man from Juoksengi, who sold his car long ago and stopped flying in the...

Alternative transport in the city(28′, Russia,2017)

Everyone always stands in a traffic jams.

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