The Hidden Life of Trees

Director: Jorg Adolph

96 min, Germany, 2020

Age restriction: 0+

Genre: Documentary

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Are trees able to talk? Do they have a memory and a social life? The forester and bestselling author Peter Wohlleben gets to the  bottom of these questions and opens our eyes to the hidden world of the woods.

When Peter Wohlleben published his book «The Hidden Life of Trees» in 2015, he stormed all the bestseller charts overnight: no-one had ever written about the German woods like the forester from the parish of Wershofen before. Wohlleben tells us in an entertaining and enlightening fashion about the solidarity and cohesion of the trees and strikes a chord with his ever-growing community of readers: he brings us closer to these astounding living entities in guided tours of the woods and readings. Wohlleben travels to Sweden to see the oldest tree in the world; he visits businesses in Vancouver that are looking for a new approach to how to treat the woods; he sides with the demonstrators in the Hambacher Forst. Because he knows that we humans can only survive if the woods are healthy – and that the eleventh hour is already upon us…